“Bundle your stag and doe and reception and $ave!” Stag & Doe Helpful Hints Rockin Robin D.J. Service Rockin Robin D. J. Service have entertained thousands of fun-lovin' folks just like you at great weddings all around Southern Ontario. We thought you might like lots of information for stag and does so read on. Have fun … Robin Stag and Doe's should be planned out thoroughly so that everyone attending has a great time. Pretty easy concept, right? NOTE: It takes about two months to plan a stag and doe. This includes time for ticket sales. Write down all your anticipated costs i.e hall rental,(check to see if hall insurance is required) food, paper plates, plastic cutlery, napkins, cups, snack foods, ticket printing, decorations, equipment rental for fund-raising games, Disc Jockey, etc. Don't plan on making a killing from your guests. Plan on making sure your guests are entertained and having a good time and the rest will come easy. Appoint a committee or delegate responsibilities. Someone to handle ticket printing, others to handle food (not with their hands) ordering and set-up as well as decorations. Plan on serving a decent spread of food. Potato chips, cheesies and pop just won't cut it on their own. Suggestions: Lasagna, pizza (order it hot and fresh just before serving the food)..order three types in your mix. One that's neutral just with cheese (for the almost vegetarians), one with meat for the meat lovers and one with toppings that the bride and groom prefer. Beef on a bun is a big hit. Cracker and cheese tray. That is a variety of cracker and cheese types. How about ordering a chinese food buffet? The possibilites are endless. When hiring a disc jockey here a couple of things to consider, Look at the possibility of hiring the DJ for the wedding as well. Ask if there is a combo discount if booking the stag and doe and the wedding with the D.J. Hire a D.J. that has the ability to make announcements for you throughout the night, and maybe even has the ability to invite people up for requests. A good D.J. can even get people to participate in the fund-raising games. Keep in mind that in many cases people who attend stag and does may not be there to dance, that's not to say they won't. However, if the venue is small and congested and there is a lot of chit chat, with games and activities going on, there is a much stronger chance that less dancing will be taking place. However a good selection of background music to please the guests creates an exciting ambience. Music from 9pm to 1am. Any earlier and your wasting your money. The majority of guests tend to show up between 9 and 9:30pm anyway. Make sure the hall that you have booked has a good variety of drinks in stock. In most cases the hall takes the bar. If you control the bar there are more risks and possible headaches involved. Plan the evening with a good selection of fund-raising games. Have your good looking friends sell draw tickets to your guests. Make sure they charm, smile and hustle for best results. Appoint a number of people to sell the stag and doe addmission tickets. Suggested price range of tickets... $7 to $10 per person or $12 to $15 per couple (higher or lower depending on how wealthy your friends are). The average guest should plan to drop at least $15 to $20 on games of chance or skill. Keep in mind many people may just purchase a ticket to support the cause and may not show up. However the people that do show up will want to be entertained. Theoretically your stag and doe addmission ticket sales should cover the cost of your hall rental, D.J. and food. The rest as they say, is gravy. Make sure your friends and family who sell your stag and doe tickets sell them as a main event, pumping it up with excitment.. Make sure you thank your guests for coming out that night. Thank individually everyone that helped make the night a success (your hoping that it was) and remind everyone not to drink and drive, order a taxi or you will help them make arrangements to get a ride home. Good Luck!